Am I writing enough?

It has been three years since Frames of Life Blog was established. At the beginning, I was disciplined and assertive in writing three to four posts per week. A commitment I made to myself, website was buzzing, and momentum was rising.

Since the world has gone into on and off lock-downs, remote working has taken a toll on me. There used to be a line drawn between work and life. To me, blogging is a part of my life. A space where I connect with like-minded individuals. A place where I could share my thoughts and receive inspiration from others. Working from home has pretty much blurred the line. The hours dedicated for work seem to be longer. Time used for commuting to work is now transformed into more work screen time. Truth to be told, commuting or just by being out-of-home can promote inspiration, simply because inspiration is influenced by observation. I am feeling totally dry on motivation to write.

By the time I am done for the day, my exhausted mind, eyes and fingers could barely move on to the next agenda. Trying to keep up, I am probably writing two posts in a month.

Constantly questioning myself: “Am I writing enough?”

Many writers advice perhaps morning would be a better head start, be it journaling or expressing thoughts in writing, just before work kicks off for the day. I am exploring all options to get back on track. Seeing other writers who dedicate so much effort and time into writing, and getting to where they are today are very motivating. I am so looking forward to get back to where I used to be. If you are reading this, all advices are more than welcome!

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker

7 thoughts on “Am I writing enough?

  1. I also find dedicating time to write rather difficult. And I generally use early mornings for social media work etc just because it uses up less brain power, but then I end up doing the same thing in the evening. Although i’d probably recommend writing a chunk of posts when less busy.

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      1. Yeah thats partly the issue. Personally I find just jotting ideas down as we go, even on the phone, can be a help, then we can look into it more at a later date. Although inspiration for me sometimes comes and sometimes it doesn’t.


  2. Mmmh this is a tough one. In my drafts I usually like to have my tough topics and my easy topics which are blog post which are very easy to write. So when I’m lacking motivation I usually write an easy topic. Maybe you could try that? Or maybe that’s terrible advice hahaha

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  3. I am still working on my blog. I create daily so I post daily. It’s a simple image or a few paragraphs on a project I’m working on. I have been listening to others who say consistency is key.


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