Since this morning, creative illustrations with #internationalwomensday and #IWD2021 flooded all over social media, appreciating women from all walks of life. I turned to my partner and asked: “Why is there a dedicated day just for women?

International Women’s Day has always been there. It wasn’t until recently when this special day catches even more undivided attention from public. I ride along with it just like every other year, adapting to trending theme just like many others with just one exception – I took a step more into exploring how this day came about.

International Women’s Day existed since the early 1900’s during the rise of radical ideologies. The gathering was first held in 1911 when million of men and women gathered and rallied for women’s rights to work and vote. A global day celebrating social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women, it also call for accelerating gender parity.

In line with this, #choosetochallenge is introduced for 2021 as the main campaign theme. It advocates public to challenge gender inequality with aim to creating an inclusive world.

Coming back to the question: “Why is there a dedicated day just for women?” There wouldn’t be such a need if there was no gender inequality in the first place.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Photo by Frames of Life Blog

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