Focus on the present.

One year has gone by swiftly. Just like that, I have been away from home for one year and three months long. Record breaking, couldn’t believe that I made it this far. The last was back in 2004 when I was on a year-long study mission, not as long as this one though.

Tough at the beginning. Adjusting to a new environment and starting everything from scratch in late 30s are not the easiest. Adding social circle into the equation complicates further. According to the Science Daily, younger people adapt faster to changes compared to seniors. I broke down every other week just by thinking of what and whom I left behind. Family, relatives, friends, my little furry kid, and a beautiful wedding home. There is no turning back, what’s been decided must go on.

Constantly battle thoughts in my mind, it is indeed a skill to maneuver past thoughts to focus on the present. Likewise, looking too much into the future may hinder opportunity to enjoy the present.

Admittedly, I enjoyed more than three wonderful decades in Asia, a place where I was born and grew up in. Since I left, the added guilt, ignorance, lack of interest, and criticisms thrown at me from loved ones back home didn’t aid me much in adapting to my new adventure. At the beginning, there was so much doubts. Have I done the right thing? If yes, why do I feel unsupported? Or is this the so-called ‘tough love’, an Asian way of showing affection and didn’t want you to leave?

There are many reasons that led me to London. Fulfilling my inner-child curiosity of the outside world, I wanted to overcome that one challenge I had since adolescence years, ie: inadequate support given in spending longer years abroad.

The sky’s the limit‘ is what drove me here.

Rather than waiting and hoping for someone to lend a helping hand, I reasoned why should anyone support me in achieving my very own milestone? Besides, an ambition is not subject to other’s dictation, but a sole responsibility of the ambition’s owner.

For many years, I’d been longing to live and work abroad. Not knowing how with countless attempts and rejections encountered starting from the very bottom of career pyramid, and climbing my way up with over fifteen years of hard work, I couldn’t be happier and satisfied of where I’ve landed today. Best of all, because they are self-achievements, these accomplishments are not subject to anyone’s scrutiny. I can totally understand how others are not as celebrative as I am. These reflections made me see past criticisms from others and strengthened my will to succeed even more.

More importantly, because I was so drawn into achieving the impossibles with no idea of where they might bring me, focusing on giving my very best whilst enjoying what the present moment has to offer supersedes past solid memories and fear of future uncertainties.

Despite intimidating pictures one paints to me, I couldn’t help but filter to only those that matter. The truth is, a decision has been made. Living in the past can only hinder one’s progression. Refusing to move forward can only mean cowardness. It only makes sense to move on with full commitment in making the best out of the present moment.

“Yesterday is history tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that’s why we call it the present.” – Eleanor Roosevelt.

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