Finding myself.

Have you ever craved for an opportunity and when that opportunity appears right in front of you, you just didn’t know what to do with it?

For over a decade, I’ve been longing for a well deserved break as a step-back away from daily mundane rat-race to reassess my life from scratch. Not sure if you feel the same way as I do. For some reason, when the opportunity arises, my mind is none other than a piece of blank paper. Perhaps I’ve been sucked into a habitual routine that without one, I’m just a lost child.

Officially off for a year, I started this week with research of things I would love doing in the next 365 days. I came across many possibilities namely signing up for self-development courses of interest for the next six months, picking up new languages and skill sets, and potentially indulge myself in the art of making something. There are way too many confusing possibilities thanks to the pandemic that I do not know where to start. To start with many and complete with none is definitely not what I set out to do.

Getting organized at work is a piece of cake, but getting myself organized is a hard work. What goes on the priority list is still a question mark.

Alongside these, I caught up with a couple of friends over long distance phone calls to pay back my compounded guilt of ignorance since I left Asia. Perhaps communicating with others can lead to some light of inspiration.

What do you say, bloggers? Do you have any good story or advices to share in finding yourself?

4 thoughts on “Finding myself.

  1. I realized recently that I invested far too much time and energy in social media to the point that my online presence started to reflect upon my self worth. So I’ve scaled back and deleted my Reddit account today. I’ll keep Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook for the time being.

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  2. I’d say to be blank is a good thing. We’re conditioned to think that we need to be doing things all the time, as if stillness, or idleness, is unproductive.

    Maybe just give yourself a week or two to just BE. Spend some time in nature or a relaxing environment. Let your thoughts and soul find a path. Let it come naturally, without pressure.

    Then commit to a regular practice that will bring you joy. Just let it flow…

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