How I survive being a new parent?

My last post was five days before I went into labor. My newborn is three days to three months today. Thinking I could fill my first few weeks of maternity with journaling didn’t come into fruition. Motherhood consumes so much of me. With just a blink of an eye, she is 62cm tall today. How time flies so quickly? It seems like it was yesterday she came into this world.

Often I see beautiful baby photos shared by others. What’s behind I have no clue. Came out from a difficult conception since four years ago, there was only one hope and one hope only for my partner and I: to have a baby. There was no thoughts given to how parenting would be like. The first two weeks were one of the most joyous and painful roller coaster ride of our lives.

Full of surprises, my partner and I survived eleven weeks through these 10 key learnings that we wish we knew them sooner. They kept us going to date and I thought they are worth sharing for other parents-to-be.

1. Expect the unexpected. ‘By-the-book’ may not happen.

2. Embrace everyday like a brand new day. Yesterday might not repeat today.

3. Seeking for help is not a sign of weakness. Parenting is not a competition.

4. Stay open to others’ advices but only pick those that work for you and your baby.

5. Be flexible, be patient. If you have a plan, be prepared for changes. The world is too new for your baby to follow.

6. Once your baby gets into routine, stick to it. Get a watch, stay disciplined.

7. Work as a team. Comparison does not work, just as only mothers can breastfeed.

8. It is a full time job, except that it is not work but totally personal.

9. Accept imperfection. Every milestone is an achievement, even a messy first bath deserves a celebration.

10. Try everything. You’ll never know what suits your baby best.

Finally, enjoy every moment to the fullest and capture them as much as you can. These moments come and go without saying goodbye.

All the lovely photos we saw on social media gave us hope. What we did not see or hear was the hard work behind parenting. There were tears of joy as much as cries of frustration. In the end, everything was and will be forgiven with those angelic smiles.

Besides, who says bringing up a human being would be an easy task?

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