Start writing.

I want to write everyday.

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was about my deserted blog. I started my writing journey in 2018 with this blog. I used to write up to 3 posts in a week. I was very determined and passionate about writing something everyday. When there was a lack in inspiration, I would take a walk, have a cuppa tea, read others’ blog, and come back right at it. Usually, my write-up came to fruition by end of the day or week.

Since I had a baby girl four months ago, my thoughts on writing had to be put off most of the time. Despite many said it’s the perfect time for motherhood journaling, I find it challenging to juggle. A piece of journal takes a few days to complete. What’s funny is that I have so much thoughts whilst running around motherhood chores. By the time I’m on my keyboard, they all disappeared. My writing frequency has indeed dropped tremendously.

The more I think, the more challenging it is to ignite a word. Today, I decided to write my mind out by starting with the letter ‘I…’. A good start, I couldn’t believe the number of words I accomplished in this post!

Perhaps we should ditch the thinking and let our fingers do the writing.

Photo by NeONBRAND

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