Start writing.

I want to write everyday.

When I woke up this morning, my first thought was about my deserted blog. I started my writing journey in 2018 with this blog. I used to write up to 3 posts in a week. I was very determined and passionate about writing something everyday. When there was a lack in inspiration, I would take a walk, have a cuppa tea, read others’ blog, and come back right at it. Usually, my write-up came to fruition by end of the day or week.

Since I had a baby girl four months ago, my thoughts on writing had to be put off most of the time. Despite many said it’s the perfect time for motherhood journaling, I find it challenging to juggle. A piece of journal takes a few days to complete. What’s funny is that I have so much thoughts whilst running around motherhood chores. By the time I’m on my keyboard, they all disappeared. My writing frequency has indeed dropped tremendously.

The more I think, the more challenging it is to ignite a word. Today, I decided to write my mind out by starting with the letter ‘I…’. A good start, I couldn’t believe the number of words I accomplished in this post!

Perhaps we should ditch the thinking and let our fingers do the writing.

Photo by NeONBRAND

7 thoughts on “Start writing.

  1. Maybe you should record voice notes which you can then type out later, when you have time. That way, you still capture the ideas, and can expand on them when you have the mental space to do so.

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