Writing marathon.

Restarting my momentum in writing, I decided to throw a writing marathon on myself this week as a challenge. One post a day, can I make it?

“What should I write about today?” and “Where do I begin?” are the common questions that lead us into writing procrastination. No doubt, asking the right questions can guide us in better writing. That’s provided these questions give us ideas instead of complicating our mind.

More often than not, we think too much and do so little.

Once we start writing, changing and editing contents are commitments that will consume time. On the other hand, thinking is free and can be anything. Bear in mind that thinking can be anywhere and land us in nowhere too. We think so much on what’s best we should write about and procrastinate writing until the right idea comes along.

I’ve encountered this pretty much since the last four months. “I want to write everyday” is a passionate ambition. Eventually, I’ve only accomplished 3 posts in 4 months. Sadly, some great ideas perished because I failed to capture them concretely. Hesitation failed me. Because I spent so much time thinking of ways to be the perfect writer, I wasn’t able to pin a starting point. Reviewing those posts I’ve published, they ain’t perfect either. It’s a zero-sum game.

So, here I am. Challenging myself with a writing marathon – writing something a day for a week. Can I make it? Only when I start writing my thoughts here and stop procrastinating, like now.

Are you with me on this?

Photo by Jason Yu

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