Don’t quit.

How many times we've stumbled  upon hurdles before we call it a quit? Or have we misinterpreted "hurdles"? More often than not, we think we've got everything figured out, just to be let down by occasional disconnections between plan and reality. Just because plans did not turn out the way we want to them to, … Continue reading Don’t quit.

Motto of 2019.

10 days to 2020. 19,530 words written excluding this piece. This year, I have taken the “go for it” approach. Ambitious with big dreams yet laying low, feeding my knowledge hunger through observing and active listening to others, as much as spreading thoughts with people around me. ‘Give and take ‘, a simple metaphor with substantial … Continue reading Motto of 2019.

Trophy love.

The ones who truly wanted were not given. The ones who never did were flooded with praises. It was once a trophy for it was an effort. It is now worthless for it is a haggle.   Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. A medal is precious if deemed as precious. Out of courtesy … Continue reading Trophy love.

All she wanted.

A letter was handed to her that morning. Expecting nothing less, she frazzled the envelope and started running through the content, line by line. Reflecting the rocky roads over the past two years, it was a big piece of work. Maybe everyone had similar results, moderate ratings and average feedback. Still, she believed she delivered … Continue reading All she wanted.

Say Hi!

It's the last month of 2019. A remarkable journey, landed at 100th post a few days ago. What's more, writing is no longer a burden but a part of life. Nevertheless, writing would be meaningless without my fellow readers' support. With great honesty, my heart beats each time a comment is deposited. I love the … Continue reading Say Hi!