On the edge.

Why are we afraid of expressing what we think or feel? Unmasking our true self is one of the hardest thing to do. Simply because we are concern about how others may perceive, react or judge on what we think or feel. We are also conscious over the implication of our actions on others. Subject … Continue reading On the edge.

Fear of judgement.

Have you ever thought of writing something and eventually wrote nothing about it? A couple of thoughts came through my mind this week. They could be something worthy to write about. Somehow, I missed them at the absence of guts. It's a pity. Suppressing my thoughts defeats the purpose of having this blog. I used … Continue reading Fear of judgement.

How I survive being a new parent?

My last post was five days before I went into labor. My newborn is three days to three months today. Thinking I could fill my first few weeks of maternity with journaling didn't come into fruition. Motherhood consumes so much of me. With just a blink of an eye, she is 62cm tall today. How … Continue reading How I survive being a new parent?


Notebooking for the brain as some may call it, is making a comeback. Thanks to hectic lifestyle with no distinct line between work and home, many have started prioritizing mental health by allocating some down time for mindfulness practices. There are various ways in which one can adopt mindfulness practices to express his or her … Continue reading Journaling.


An act of love or suspicion?

The perfect sunny day in London pretty much lightens my mood. Unlike yesterday's cold and gloomy sky, my motivation to write is literally lifted from doomed. Reflecting how surroundings can affect our motivation to do something, perhaps they all start with mind adaptation. Born and bred in Asia, relocating to London is a game changer … Continue reading An act of love or suspicion?

Am I writing enough?

It has been three years since Frames of Life Blog was established. At the beginning, I was disciplined and assertive in writing three to four posts per week. A commitment I made to myself, website was buzzing, and momentum was rising. Since the world has gone into on and off lock-downs, remote working has taken … Continue reading Am I writing enough?



"The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it." - C.C. Scott Childhood shaped me. Of all the memories I've accumulated over thirty years, my childhood chapter is the most vivid one. I had a lovely childhood. My parents provided sufficiently. I had one-of-a kind relationship with my siblings. We had fun growing … Continue reading Resilience.