Writing marathon.

Restarting my momentum in writing, I decided to throw a writing marathon on myself this week as a challenge. One post a day, can I make it? "What should I write about today?" and "Where do I begin?" are the common questions that lead us into writing procrastination. No doubt, asking the right questions can … Continue reading Writing marathon.

Stop. Start. Reset.

Stop. Start. Reset. This has been my favourite motto since four months ago. Discovering my new motherhood life has been fascinating. I couldn't believe how much my life has changed since the last trimester. Weighed about 13.4 stones, I was pampered with the amount of snacking, napping, and comedies until that one night when my … Continue reading Stop. Start. Reset.

How I survive being a new parent?

My last post was five days before I went into labor. My newborn is three days to three months today. Thinking I could fill my first few weeks of maternity with journaling didn't come into fruition. Motherhood consumes so much of me. With just a blink of an eye, she is 62cm tall today. How … Continue reading How I survive being a new parent?

What she doesn’t know.

Learning is endless. If one tells me that he or she knows everything, it's beyond possible to believe. A quick google, 'learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.' Talking about study, there are endless materials to read and understand. Talking about experience, there are endless possibilities for us … Continue reading What she doesn’t know.


Notebooking for the brain as some may call it, is making a comeback. Thanks to hectic lifestyle with no distinct line between work and home, many have started prioritizing mental health by allocating some down time for mindfulness practices. There are various ways in which one can adopt mindfulness practices to express his or her … Continue reading Journaling.