Landscape Capture

“Blossom by blossom the spring begins.” — Algernon Charles SwinburnePhoto by Frames of Life Blog

New year, new decade!

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! May this year 2020 brings you abundance of joy, happiness, and most of all good health. As we close 2019 chapter, remember to... ✅Reflect ✅Recap ✅Resolute ✅Rejoice for the New Year, new decade. Thank you for your continuous support on Frames of Life blog. Cheers to all bloggers and … Continue reading New year, new decade!

Road to wisdom.

Breath of wild green fields, linearly meet the bright blue sky. In the horizon future is calling, courageous soldiers it hopes to charm.   A journey that may take decades, not one tad they look afraid. As bold as brass they march forward, despite occasional rough paths onward. Experience surroundings, appreciate livings, embrace moments with … Continue reading Road to wisdom.

Courage is in us.

The life we see of others, are they real? More often than not, there is tendency in us to worship others, for others own what we don't. Silently, we whisper in our mind, "If only I have it too." But we hardly ask ourselves, "Is this what I always wanted? If yes, then what am … Continue reading Courage is in us.

Expect nothing.

It is quite common to easily sucked into realm of negativity just by one bad experience. Perhaps the second experience was not as bad, but subconsciously we find all reasons to justify how bad it was. Then comes the third, fourth, and so on. Before we knew it, we're caught in a world of "doomsday" … Continue reading Expect nothing.

City Capture

New York City, the most densely populated major city in the United States. I am amazed by how the city is formed. The composition of uneven building architectures, long stretched roads coupled with open sky and peaceful sea have made this city highly addictive! Photo Credit: @framesoflifeblog

The meaning of success.

Growing up in a competitive world, it's difficult to decide when to call success a success. Often we hear success comes mostly from hard work, and probably ten percent comes from luck. Parents put their hard earned funds in financing children education. In some instances, study loans and savings are committed in education with purpose … Continue reading The meaning of success.