Chasing a childhood dream.

An old fashioned hi-fi radio player sat in the hallway next to a pile of expired newspapers. Dad played it every weekday at 7 pm as soon as he returned from work in his beige uniform. It was the Mandarin news he was following. The stories read by the almost-perfect Chinese newscaster, I could barely … Continue reading Chasing a childhood dream.

The world we are living in.

Do you know that the chinese characters 先生, Mister came from 先 as in 'First' and 生 as in 'Born': First Born? Whereas 夫人, Madam came from 夫 as in 'Husband' and 人 'People' (Ben Whately). In other words, 'people owned by the husband.' For generations in Chinese culture, male is always the first, being … Continue reading The world we are living in.