Reigniting cultural values.

Three months prior to landing on a far-away foreign soil, I was talked into revisiting Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory, a framework for cross-cultural communication developed by Geert Hofstede. Being a pragmatic person, I've long cold-stored learning from University days. Not out of disrespecting theories founded by masterly professor, more because I failed in connecting theories … Continue reading Reigniting cultural values.

Nothing beats a real experience.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page." - Saint Augustine I couldn't agree more. Rewinding back to college years when studying was like a chore. Back then, internship was still in the making and not widely encouraged by institutions in Malaysia. In fact, a 50/50 split of … Continue reading Nothing beats a real experience.

The world we are living in.

Do you know that the chinese characters 先生, Mister came from 先 as in 'First' and 生 as in 'Born': First Born? Whereas 夫人, Madam came from 夫 as in 'Husband' and 人 'People' (Ben Whately). In other words, 'people owned by the husband.' For generations in Chinese culture, male is always the first, being … Continue reading The world we are living in.

City Capture

Bangkok, soon to be a city that never sleep. Known also as Thailand's capital, it is a large city with population estimate of 9.7 million people. A growing city with ornate shrines and vibrant street life, I truly enjoy and appreciate the well-mannered and courtesy culture of the locals. Have you been to this city? … Continue reading City Capture

Cultivating positive values – How?

A nine-to-five job is no longer as straightforward as it seems. In this part of Asia, we spend a daily average of 12 hours or more at work. 50% of our daily time is spent on managing work expectation and socialising just to earn and ease a living. Because  they are not mutually exclusive, segregation of … Continue reading Cultivating positive values – How?

Culture – Right or Wrong?

During university days, it was hard to define the meaning of culture. As easy as reading off a textbook and completing exams to prove how much management students should know, it was not properly decoded. I mean, how could one possibly know without experiencing it in realtime? Not until I became a lucky bird who … Continue reading Culture – Right or Wrong?

How is the world out there?

She wonders. It was uncommon in Asia to leave home at young age, because living with parents have always been a convenient option. She wanted to explore the city, that comes with endless possibilities. Hopping from one place to another for several years, hardly ever complacent, she wanted more. Opportunity arise when she was posted to … Continue reading How is the world out there?

Going Deep

Life is crafted when she was born Follow the flow is what she's taught For many years she never question the wrongs All that she knows is to do the norms   Society is surprising, oh yes she knows Because people are different with unique goal The norms that others do is not what she … Continue reading Going Deep