Keep writing.

Most would have known that exciting content write-up comes not only from reading and researching but also discovering experiences from both past and present. These learnings gathered made us reflect our thoughts and even expand imaginations towards the future. Alas, amidst pandemic, most of us had no choice but resorted to home-based activities, which can … Continue reading Keep writing.

Chasing a childhood dream.

An old fashioned hi-fi radio player sat in the hallway next to a pile of expired newspapers. Dad played it every weekday at 7 pm as soon as he returned from work in his beige uniform. It was the Mandarin news he was following. The stories read by the almost-perfect Chinese newscaster, I could barely … Continue reading Chasing a childhood dream.

I can go a distance.

Just a couple of hours ago, The Independent UK published that Captain Tom Moore has raised more than £21M in donations for NHS - how extraordinary! For his 100th birthday, the Second World War veteran pledged to complete 100 lengths of walk in his garden, and he accomplished it. Initially aimed at only a thousand … Continue reading I can go a distance.

Learning the hard way.

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger." - Friedrich Nietzsche. Attributed to the German philosopher, this quote is probably one of the most effective motivational quotes of all time. Not everyone is born with a golden spoon. Perhaps it's best not to measure life with who and who are born with a golden spoon. Materials … Continue reading Learning the hard way.

We all started from somewhere.

Not everyone is born a genius. Everyone has got to start from somewhere. Although there are many writers who became successful at young age, there are also some who didn't get famous until they're in their mid-30s or more. J.K. Rowling is one of them (Famous Writers) “The only genius that's worth anything is the … Continue reading We all started from somewhere.

How much better we can be?

Often we are caught in the paradox of how good we are to what we can possibly achieved. Convincing ourselves on how good we are and yet not downplaying competition are complex balances to manage. Self-generated positive belief is necessary in generating courage to face challenges. It is not that we are over-confident. Instead, it's … Continue reading How much better we can be?

Courage is in us.

The life we see of others, are they real? More often than not, there is tendency in us to worship others, for others own what we don't. Silently, we whisper in our mind, "If only I have it too." But we hardly ask ourselves, "Is this what I always wanted? If yes, then what am … Continue reading Courage is in us.

The meaning of success.

Growing up in a competitive world, it's difficult to decide when to call success a success. Often we hear success comes mostly from hard work, and probably ten percent comes from luck. Parents put their hard earned funds in financing children education. In some instances, study loans and savings are committed in education with purpose … Continue reading The meaning of success.

Keep going.

When we were young, parents encouraged us to take baby steps in any possible encounter. Be it to sit, to crawl, to stand, to eat, to play, or to speak - we attempted them all  with courage. Parents gave us keys to experience 'the world'. 'The world' is colourful and openly fascinating. For many years … Continue reading Keep going.

Satisfaction that counts.

After weeks of being under the weather, I finally set my foot back on the treadmill this morning. Snoozing thrice from 7am to 7.10am to 7.20am across two mobile phones, kicking myself up involved putting an end to the last scene of my dream, and raising my feet in the air for a quick blood … Continue reading Satisfaction that counts.