The mountain that divides us.

Summer came and gone by swiftly. Falling leaves reminded me of an attic where I used to hang out with one of my cousins. From one of the corners, we could easily hear any conversations that were going on downstairs. We were young, didn’t realise my memory was one of a kind. A huge corner-lot … Continue reading The mountain that divides us.

Embrace diversity.

Remembering when I packed up and left my home country for the first time some years ago, there was no room for hesitation. Landed on a foreign land with just an hour flight away, I thought adaptation was going to be a soft ironing process. Having said that, it was not as straightforward in keeping … Continue reading Embrace diversity.

Cultivating positive values – How?

A nine-to-five job is no longer as straightforward as it seems. In this part of Asia, we spend a daily average of 12 hours or more at work. 50% of our daily time is spent on managing work expectation and socialising just to earn and ease a living. Because  they are not mutually exclusive, segregation of … Continue reading Cultivating positive values – How?