The beginning to everything.

Every experience starts from somewhere. Even a baby goes through milestones before reaching toddler's stage. Without that first bold move, there will be no moments to share, and no story to tell. According to Tom Stafford, humans are curious in nature. We are capable of absorbing so much more from our environment with extended childhood. … Continue reading The beginning to everything.

Nothing beats a real experience.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page." - Saint Augustine I couldn't agree more. Rewinding back to college years when studying was like a chore. Back then, internship was still in the making and not widely encouraged by institutions in Malaysia. In fact, a 50/50 split of … Continue reading Nothing beats a real experience.

Success will come around.

"What goes around comes around" was meant to remind people on the consequences of own actions which will eventually come back haunting for them. Nethertheless, I have a slightly different interpretation. When I was 23, I took a chance to compete on national television. It was an epic entrepreneurial experience that no one that I … Continue reading Success will come around.

You must have done something right.

Trust is complicated and not easily formed. The existence of trust depends on individual's circumstances, and varies from individual to individual. It is strongly influenced by our environment. Mainly, we trust people whom we knew than we don't. We also subconsciously judge and form assumptions about people we don't know in protecting our own interests … Continue reading You must have done something right.

How is the world out there?

She wonders. It was uncommon in Asia to leave home at young age, because living with parents have always been a convenient option. She wanted to explore the city, that comes with endless possibilities. Hopping from one place to another for several years, hardly ever complacent, she wanted more. Opportunity arise when she was posted to … Continue reading How is the world out there?