Simple buckwheat loaf.

Joint collaboration with Mr. Chef Mr. Chef has been making bread at home since February and he is determined not to stop just because of a diet mission.  We enjoy bread very much for breakfast. I like it with jam spread and he prefers it with peanut butter spread. The thought of giving it up was … Continue reading Simple buckwheat loaf.

Bitter chocolate sirt-tart.

Joint collaboration with Mr. Chef Mr. Chef and I love sweet things. By treating ourselves with dessert everyday, it feels like we are not on a diet. We had 2 weeks of sirt-chocolate cake, a change is like a welcome treat! This sirt-tart which Mr. Chef is about to share is very rich but comes with … Continue reading Bitter chocolate sirt-tart.

Sirtfood chicken pie.

Joint collaboration with Mr. Chef The goal of this diet is not to really go on a diet. Instead, we aim to change our eating habits and lose weight at the same time without cutting out food that we love. Eating salads everyday and in small portions can be quite boring and demoralising. We are more … Continue reading Sirtfood chicken pie.

Sirt-miso steamed fish.

Joint collaboration with Mr. Chef Serves: 2 Difficulty: 2/5 Calories (Including 60g buckwheat - raw weight per person): 453 Ingredients 2          Fish fillets of your choice (I used sea bream)50g      Carrots – peeled & sliced70g      Leeks - sliced70g      Red onions – peeled & sliced (half an onion)50g      Celery – sliced (2 medium … Continue reading Sirt-miso steamed fish.

Sirt-rich meatball Marinara.

Joint collaboration with Mr. Chef Today was a clearing out of what we had left in the chiller and seeing as we haven't been eating pasta so much on the diet, we thought why not. Not only is it wholesome and filling but this is extremely healthy too. Coming in at under 600 calories it … Continue reading Sirt-rich meatball Marinara.

Red wine chocolate sirt-cake.

Joint collaboration with Mr. Chef "Being on a diet isn't easy." This is all what we thought. No fried food, salad everyday, and definitely no cake. Wrong!  This cake that we are about to share ticks all the boxes and believe it, it is only 231 calories per portion.  Gluten free and full of sirt-rich foods … Continue reading Red wine chocolate sirt-cake.

The miracle sirt-juice.

It has been two weeks since my last post on Sirtfood journey begins. You might be thinking if my motivation of shredding 3kg still hooks. No doubt, it's easy to share any remedy almost immediately just like any other bloggers. The question is, does "sirtfood" really works and deserves our commitment? Mr. Chef and I … Continue reading The miracle sirt-juice.

Sirtfood journey begins.

Lockdown journey has been quite a tricky one. Coming to three months now from #socialdistanding to #stayalert, public is advised to continue working from home and only travel when needed. Whilst some have learned to multitask, juggled between working and home-caring kids, many have taken the opportunity to learn new skills and explore mini adventures … Continue reading Sirtfood journey begins.