Cherishing rainbow after rain.

Since February, we were put into the unknown. For the very first time, we discussed about back-up plans for "what if..." with loved ones. Uncertainty, anxiety, and concerns were easily spelled on faces. Paranoid over worst case scenarios we could possibly imagined, staying positive and strong required a huge amount of effort. Well, that lasted … Continue reading Cherishing rainbow after rain.

Live Life

Peeking sunshine, through cloudy sky. Breezy wind, flowing by whistling trees. Birds chirping, along peaceful stream.   Eyes closed, breath deep. Yesterday's mess, let it all be gone.   Harmonised to surrounding, enjoy the livings. Welcome inner voice, rearrange thoughts.   Never mind the complication, put away hesitation. Life is a journey, not just a … Continue reading Live Life


I came across this truly inspiring video of Ellen meets Motivational Speaker Jay Shetty this morning, talking about gratitude. I thought this is a pretty good share. We are constantly swamped by pressure others impose on us that we have forgotten the importance of feeling gratitude or even courtesy towards others (even a simple smile) in our … Continue reading Gratitude

Desperate for Approval

Going on social network, stalking others life, and uploading updates are becoming daily norms these days. Not to mention even parents are starting social media accounts for newborns just to prep them for this new world. What are we trying to achieve out of exposing ourselves? My life is better than yours.  Whatever the reason … Continue reading Desperate for Approval

The Perfect Hunt

I quit a new job after 5 months. This is my first career break attempt after 14 years and the shortest service I ever given to an employer. How does it feel like to drop everything off my shoulder after all these workaholic years? Why I did what I did? I wouldn't call myself a quitter. I … Continue reading The Perfect Hunt

Who we really are?

Instagram feeds have not been doing good apart from reaping our self-esteem apart. As much as we love posting our best shots to showcase the best part of our life, the social competition just keeps getting better with soaring apps assistance. The intensity of social upward comparison creates constant self-assessment of individuals, leading towards desires to … Continue reading Who we really are?