Do something.

Finished a long distance phone call an hour ago with a friend. I can't help but thinking over the grievances he shared with me about his job. Admittedly, the employment market does not look favourable at present. With increasing pandemic cases, it will take a while before recovery sign surfaces. Unfortunately, Covid doesn't discriminate geographically … Continue reading Do something.

Lockdown gain.

Since February 2020 when lockdown was about to begin, many were caught up in panic buy of sanitizers, face masks, gloves, cleaning detergents and not forgetting, the infamous toilet rolls tug of war across the world. The hoarding of food supply had also left many wondered if food has its expiry date. Was it a … Continue reading Lockdown gain.

Confession of a chef’s wife.

Rewinding back to 7 years ago today when I first met my husband, didn't I forecasted that our first date would transformed into an 'happily-ever-after' tag. He wasn't a chef by profession back then. Well, he was before we met. Not until in 2016 when we tied the knot and immediately our lives took a … Continue reading Confession of a chef’s wife.

Reset for a brand new world.

Ten years from now in 2030, what will change? In the end of 2019, we were all looking forward for what the new decade may bring (Motto of 2019).Looking back to what we have learned, looking forward to what we aim in changing, from 2020 forward. 2020, as soothing as the digits sound, was not … Continue reading Reset for a brand new world.

5 tips to manage remote working.

According to Microsoft, Teams has reached 32 million users with recent rise of remote working. Although remote working has always been an alternative, organisations were skeptical towards this approach due to abuse or distrust. Not until recent months when measures in containing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic were elevated. Today, remote working has become more … Continue reading 5 tips to manage remote working.

How do you feel?

Feelings are abundance. Sometimes candid, sometimes strange. Hardly ever stop and impossible to capture. Often overlooked, they are effortlessly presumed. Come and go like swoosh in the wind, condensing feelings without any effort in recognising them can only lead to one word, 'complicated'. “Is it really possible to tell someone else what one feels?” ― Leo … Continue reading How do you feel?