Cherishing rainbow after rain.

Since February, we were put into the unknown. For the very first time, we discussed about back-up plans for "what if..." with loved ones. Uncertainty, anxiety, and concerns were easily spelled on faces. Paranoid over worst case scenarios we could possibly imagined, staying positive and strong required a huge amount of effort. Well, that lasted … Continue reading Cherishing rainbow after rain.

Sirtfood journey begins.

Lockdown journey has been quite a tricky one. Coming to three months now from #socialdistanding to #stayalert, public is advised to continue working from home and only travel when needed. Whilst some have learned to multitask, juggled between working and home-caring kids, many have taken the opportunity to learn new skills and explore mini adventures … Continue reading Sirtfood journey begins.

Lockdown gain.

Since February 2020 when lockdown was about to begin, many were caught up in panic buy of sanitizers, face masks, gloves, cleaning detergents and not forgetting, the infamous toilet rolls tug of war across the world. The hoarding of food supply had also left many wondered if food has its expiry date. Was it a … Continue reading Lockdown gain.