Ocean Capture

"An ocean breeze puts a mind at ease." - Anonymous Photo by Frames of Life Blog

Live Life

Peeking sunshine, through cloudy sky. Breezy wind, flowing by whistling trees. Birds chirping, along peaceful stream.   Eyes closed, breath deep. Yesterday's mess, let it all be gone.   Harmonised to surrounding, enjoy the livings. Welcome inner voice, rearrange thoughts.   Never mind the complication, put away hesitation. Life is a journey, not just a … Continue reading Live Life

back on track

Satisfaction that counts.

After weeks of being under the weather, I finally set my foot back on the treadmill this morning. Snoozing thrice from 7am to 7.10am to 7.20am across two mobile phones, kicking myself up involved putting an end to the last scene of my dream, and raising my feet in the air for a quick blood … Continue reading Satisfaction that counts.

love me hate me

Love me or hate me.

A competitive world. Add social and political complexities into the equation, we'll get people who adore us, and people who loathe us. Far-fetching personal and professional goals are strenuous enough. Focus is all we need to get there. Yet, it's not as straightforward as we anticipate. Just because of: ...the unwanted noises around us. The … Continue reading Love me or hate me.


A Genuine Conversation

Having a conversation can be a form of leisure activity when two or more people share thoughts and exchange ideas. Sometimes, feeling each others emotions through it can be relieving too. As a child, I grew up learning through conversations had with my family, relatives, and friends I met since pre-school. I remember those frustrating … Continue reading A Genuine Conversation


15 Facts I Wish Everyone Knew About Women.

Just because they are neat does not mean they enjoy doing chores. Having a strong character does not mean they prefer to love more than to be loved. Being independent has nothing to do with marital status. Spending effort and time on beauty is a form of confidence investment. A good career means stability and … Continue reading 15 Facts I Wish Everyone Knew About Women.

Gray skies are just clouds passing over

Superficial : Expectation vs Reality

Gone are the days when Internet is a value-added option to our lives. It is now one of the necessities of life. With increasing apps creation, society is encouraged to become more superficial than ever. Physical interaction is gradually being replaced with virtual interaction. Talking is replaced with texting (it is no wonder voice calls … Continue reading Superficial : Expectation vs Reality