Fear of judgement.

Have you ever thought of writing something and eventually wrote nothing about it? A couple of thoughts came through my mind this week. They could be something worthy to write about. Somehow, I missed them at the absence of guts. It's a pity. Suppressing my thoughts defeats the purpose of having this blog. I used … Continue reading Fear of judgement.

Stop. Start. Reset.

Stop. Start. Reset. This has been my favourite motto since four months ago. Discovering my new motherhood life has been fascinating. I couldn't believe how much my life has changed since the last trimester. Weighed about 13.4 stones, I was pampered with the amount of snacking, napping, and comedies until that one night when my … Continue reading Stop. Start. Reset.

How I survive being a new parent?

My last post was five days before I went into labor. My newborn is three days to three months today. Thinking I could fill my first few weeks of maternity with journaling didn't come into fruition. Motherhood consumes so much of me. With just a blink of an eye, she is 62cm tall today. How … Continue reading How I survive being a new parent?