Nature Capture

"And all the lives we ever lived and all the lives to be are full of trees and changing leaves…" — Virginia Woolf Photo by Frames of Life Blog

earth day

Chasing the soaring waves.

I could still remember the fresh air that breezley touched my face. It was one of the ten days escapade that my partner and I impromptuly decided to venture. We were not supposed to be here; it was supposed to be up north that we had planned for six months. Not that we're fickled, it … Continue reading Chasing the soaring waves.

Unspoken words.

Pastel cotton candy, scattered beneath our blue roof. Bright light pierced through, with rays mistook for thunder. . . Gloomy, sunny, they both enjoy some honey. En passant, we shine at our best color with no boundary. Compose ourselves with the rest of livings, do you agree stunners like us who've championed the beauty?  Photo … Continue reading Unspoken words.

A letter from Red Leaf.

Dear Sunshine,   Despite powerful, you’re calm. You’re an equal provider, for all the livings. Because of you, I’m here. Because of you, people see us. Because of you, the sky boasts beautiful colors. Because of you, we shine back at our very best. Because of you, nature is appreciated. Therefore, we thank you for … Continue reading A letter from Red Leaf.