art perspectives

One picture, ten perspectives.

A class of ten participants, I was one of them who attended the long awaited Art Workshop early this week. It was my very first, a novice who has never experienced an art conversation with other artists. Art is personal and it is an emotional topic. To establish a conversation about art, with candor is …

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Art of Expression

The Art of Expression: Paint and Blog

Creation of art is about combining different elements within a medium or a mix of multiple mediums. They can be in forms of tunes or lyrics in music, words in literature, or sketching and painting on canvas (Philosophy of Art). Creativity is one thing - the ability to express one's creativity is another. Expression requires …

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Drawing & Painting

How to take your mind off of crazy world?

Painting, seems to appeal to limited group of people. Perhaps it's the thought of having to be perfect that hesitates one from painting. Perhaps it's the judgemental world that one is afraid of. Perhaps it's the criticisms one is fearful of. Perhaps being associated to painting are considered quirky, introvert or unfriendly because one is …

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