Chasing a childhood dream.

An old fashioned hi-fi radio player sat in the hallway next to a pile of expired newspapers. Dad played it every weekday at 7 pm as soon as he returned from work in his beige uniform. It was the Mandarin news he was following. The stories read by the almost-perfect Chinese newscaster, I could barely … Continue reading Chasing a childhood dream.

Passion, do you have it?

Passion, we either have it or we don't. There is no grey line. Pass by the same entrance everyday, today is one of those days when I stopped to deliberately observe the regular signage pinned on the wall next to the automated glass door. "Weird, the brand logo doesn't look right. It looks like it's … Continue reading Passion, do you have it?

one in a million

One in a million.

Living 18 years under parents supervision (some even more), we are taught there are only few ways in approaching life. Approaches that are safe, proven by the experienced from their experiences, and...nothing could go wrong if we follow the similar recipe. There is no wrong to this, because parents feel responsible to keep us from … Continue reading One in a million.


Meaningful Hardship

Reminiscing my childhood life, grandpa used to cycle 8 miles to his plantation every other day, weekly, carrying his vintage metal canister filled with black coffee on his ancient bicycle. At the plantation, he would cleared up tall grasses, dug soil to make space for new fruit trees and harvested oil palms - all by … Continue reading Meaningful Hardship


Connecting your Past and Future.

Admiring her talented neighbour who played the piano gracefully, she could only imagine herself on the bench someday. Fortunately, her neighbour was then her best friend of same age. Almost every afternoon after school, she would rush home and head straight to her neighbour's house. Not for a little tea party activity, but to convince … Continue reading Connecting your Past and Future.

Drawing & Painting

How to take your mind off of crazy world?

Painting, seems to appeal to limited group of people. Perhaps it's the thought of having to be perfect that hesitates one from painting. Perhaps it's the judgemental world that one is afraid of. Perhaps it's the criticisms one is fearful of. Perhaps being associated to painting are considered quirky, introvert or unfriendly because one is … Continue reading How to take your mind off of crazy world?

Coffee, Pollen, Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

The Perfect Hunt

I quit a new job after 5 months. This is my first career break attempt after 14 years and the shortest service I ever given to an employer. How does it feel like to drop everything off my shoulder after all these workaholic years? Why I did what I did? I wouldn't call myself a quitter. I … Continue reading The Perfect Hunt