Appreciating others stories.

Two years of waiting is rock tough. Not that we didn't try, we lost count of tries. Every month we hit the reset button, looking forward to new hopes and dreams. It would be impossible to make others understand. Such complexity, neither we can. Physically tiring, mentally draining. If you're asking "When could be us?", …

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You must have done something right.

Trust is complicated and not easily formed. The existence of trust depends on individual's circumstances, and varies from individual to individual. It is strongly influenced by our environment. Mainly, we trust people whom we knew than we don't. We also subconsciously judge and form assumptions about people we don't know in protecting our own interests …

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instagram makes me nervous

Instagram makes me nervous. Does it to you?

"Interesting. She's got a pretty good life. I wish I've got this life.". . (next). "Amazing, I want to do that too, how did he get there?" .. (next). "Lucky her, I wish I could....." (next). The more I scroll, my self-esteem got pushed further - not upward though. Admiring how others life on Cloud …

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