2020 what it meant for us?

Just like that, 2020 will be coming to an end in a few more hours. At the beginning, we were all excited about a 'decade reflection' or '#10yearschallenge', reminiscing what we're like 10 years ago, compared to what we've become today. Honestly, it was a great reflection exercise, and it reminded our story chapters in … Continue reading 2020 what it meant for us?

Perseverance in us.

Perseverance, it is in us. I wasn't a fan of basketball until the recent release of "The Last Dance" by Netflix. If you have not seen it, please make it your priority. As legendary Michael Jordan slam-dunked his way in style for Chicago Bulls since 1984, his high self-esteem rose alongside from game to game … Continue reading Perseverance in us.

Craving for love.

The four baby birds that chirp loudly striking for attention often confuse their mother if love can ever be enough. Was it too many baby birds to provide undivided attention? Or was it because they are all demanding children? The first will always be the first. The last will always be the precious. The middles … Continue reading Craving for love.

Earned not given.

"Respect is earned not given" - one of the most commonly heard saying in leadership journals. Likewise, achievement is well deserved for those who worked hard for it. How many of us still believe in these? Take Margaret Thatcher (1925–2013) for example. She was the first female British Prime Minister from 1979–1990. When she spearheaded the role, … Continue reading Earned not given.