Do something.

Finished a long distance phone call an hour ago with a friend. I can't help but thinking over the grievances he shared with me about his job. Admittedly, the employment market does not look favourable at present. With increasing pandemic cases, it will take a while before recovery sign surfaces. Unfortunately, Covid doesn't discriminate geographically … Continue reading Do something.

Never settle.

Time is precious. The hour that we spend on something is the hour that we've chosen to forgo other priorities. Often we hear, "Oh, time flies. She is growing up too fast." Not to mention about the current pandemic period when many children are missing out hours of learnings from schools. Maybe parents have been … Continue reading Never settle.

I can go a distance.

Just a couple of hours ago, The Independent UK published that Captain Tom Moore has raised more than £21M in donations for NHS - how extraordinary! For his 100th birthday, the Second World War veteran pledged to complete 100 lengths of walk in his garden, and he accomplished it. Initially aimed at only a thousand … Continue reading I can go a distance.

Don’t quit.

How many times we've stumbled  upon hurdles before we call it a quit? Or have we misinterpreted "hurdles"? More often than not, we think we've got everything figured out, just to be let down by occasional disconnections between plan and reality. Just because plans did not turn out the way we want to them to, … Continue reading Don’t quit.

All she wanted.

A letter was handed to her that morning. Expecting nothing less, she frazzled the envelope and started running through the content, line by line. Reflecting the rocky roads over the past two years, it was a big piece of work. Maybe everyone had similar results, moderate ratings and average feedback. Still, she believed she delivered … Continue reading All she wanted.

Satisfaction that counts.

After weeks of being under the weather, I finally set my foot back on the treadmill this morning. Snoozing thrice from 7am to 7.10am to 7.20am across two mobile phones, kicking myself up involved putting an end to the last scene of my dream, and raising my feet in the air for a quick blood … Continue reading Satisfaction that counts.

One in a million.

Living 18 years under parents supervision (some even more), we are taught there are only few ways in approaching life. Approaches that are safe, proven by the experienced from their experiences, and...nothing could go wrong if we follow the similar recipe. There is no wrong to this, because parents feel responsible to keep us from … Continue reading One in a million.

Meaningful Hardship

Reminiscing my childhood life, grandpa used to cycle 8 miles to his plantation every other day, weekly, carrying his vintage metal canister filled with black coffee on his ancient bicycle. At the plantation, he would cleared up tall grasses, dug soil to make space for new fruit trees and harvested oil palms - all by … Continue reading Meaningful Hardship

Persistence is Power

Ushered the year with a string of hopes. It's unlike used-to-be when there were Top 10 new goals. After years of hustle she enters a juncture. A realisation of life that is only half-lived. Some people admit to life as it is. Routine is all right for it provides tranquillity. No risk, no headache, but … Continue reading Persistence is Power