If not now, then when?

Unhooked all clothes from wardrobe, I squashed them into three big sacks. The rest, I placed them into boxes. "Not much, thankfully." Few rounds of rushes, I squeezed them in my 'little local beetle' ride. Didn't take much effort for an independent girl to move three times in two years, moving from one place to another, …

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Starting from somewhere.

Challenges remained a mystery until we encounter them. We are intrigued by how capable they are in shaping us. Precious learning derives from individual experience, especially those that come with heightened difficulties. It's when we fall hard that we learn laboriously to stand up again; or we never will when phobia checks in. The past …

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When we stop looking at what’s real around us.

I log on to Instagram every now and then, looking for inspiration. It tickles me sometimes, and I salute people who spend extra hours beautifying pictures to be showcased to the world. It's a full time job to create inspiration for others. Not easy. At times, I do not see them as inspiration. It can …

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