If not now, then when?

Unhooked all clothes from wardrobe, I squashed them into three big sacks. The rest, I placed them into boxes. "Not much, thankfully." Few rounds of rushes, I squeezed them in my 'little local beetle' ride. Didn't take much effort for an independent girl to move three times in two years, moving from one place to another, … Continue reading If not now, then when?

Reflect and learn.

Purple sky, purple sea. Is this an outcome of the sky's reflection, or the other? Who we are today is primarily a consequence of our own decisions and actions. Whilst we are susceptible to conditions that are beyond our control, others too have no exceptions. Instead of finding reasons for failures, a good reflection of … Continue reading Reflect and learn.

Starting from somewhere.

Challenges remained a mystery until we encounter them. We are intrigued by how capable they are in shaping us. Precious learning derives from individual experience, especially those that come with heightened difficulties. It's when we fall hard that we learn laboriously to stand up again; or we never will when phobia checks in. The past … Continue reading Starting from somewhere.

A Genuine Conversation

Having a conversation can be a form of leisure activity when two or more people share thoughts and exchange ideas. Sometimes, feeling each others emotions through it can be relieving too. As a child, I grew up learning through conversations had with my family, relatives, and friends I met since pre-school. I remember those frustrating … Continue reading A Genuine Conversation

Persistence is Power

Ushered the year with a string of hopes. It's unlike used-to-be when there were Top 10 new goals. After years of hustle she enters a juncture. A realisation of life that is only half-lived. Some people admit to life as it is. Routine is all right for it provides tranquillity. No risk, no headache, but … Continue reading Persistence is Power

How far does fame bring me?

First day of fame, it feels amazing. People love me. People adore me. People want a piece of me. Because I am being the perfect me. I didn't want it to stop. Fame is addictive and it's a lot of hard work. It can only grow more, not less. As long as I portray what … Continue reading How far does fame bring me?

When we stop looking at what’s real around us.

I log on to Instagram every now and then, looking for inspiration. It tickles me sometimes, and I salute people who spend extra hours beautifying pictures to be showcased to the world. It's a full time job to create inspiration for others. Not easy. At times, I do not see them as inspiration. It can … Continue reading When we stop looking at what’s real around us.

Going Deep

Life is crafted when she was born Follow the flow is what she's taught For many years she never question the wrongs All that she knows is to do the norms   Society is surprising, oh yes she knows Because people are different with unique goal The norms that others do is not what she … Continue reading Going Deep

Desperate for Approval

Going on social network, stalking others life, and uploading updates are becoming daily norms these days. Not to mention even parents are starting social media accounts for newborns just to prep them for this new world. What are we trying to achieve out of exposing ourselves? My life is better than yours.  Whatever the reason … Continue reading Desperate for Approval