Expect nothing.

It is quite common to easily sucked into realm of negativity just by one bad experience. Perhaps the second experience was not as bad, but subconsciously we find all reasons to justify how bad it was. Then comes the third, fourth, and so on. Before we knew it, we're caught in a world of "doomsday" … Continue reading Expect nothing.

Reflect and learn.

Purple sky, purple sea. Is this an outcome of the sky's reflection, or the other? Who we are today is primarily a consequence of our own decisions and actions. Whilst we are susceptible to conditions that are beyond our control, others too have no exceptions. Instead of finding reasons for failures, a good reflection of … Continue reading Reflect and learn.

Live Life

Peeking sunshine, through cloudy sky. Breezy wind, flowing by whistling trees. Birds chirping, along peaceful stream.   Eyes closed, breath deep. Yesterday's mess, let it all be gone.   Harmonised to surrounding, enjoy the livings. Welcome inner voice, rearrange thoughts.   Never mind the complication, put away hesitation. Life is a journey, not just a … Continue reading Live Life

It was all you.

Sun's setting, night's falling. Presence of ten, one remained. Heap of work, yet a pair of hands, Chain of thoughts, awaiting to flare.   No squabble, no question. Reposition your vision, ignite your mission. Remind your purpose, kindle your passion. For whatever you do, do it for your reason. Night's gone, comes the dawn. First … Continue reading It was all you.

You must have done something right.

Trust is complicated and not easily formed. The existence of trust depends on individual's circumstances, and varies from individual to individual. It is strongly influenced by our environment. Mainly, we trust people whom we knew than we don't. We also subconsciously judge and form assumptions about people we don't know in protecting our own interests … Continue reading You must have done something right.

Accept im[p]erfection.

We are taught to be the best for it has more to offer. Praises and rewards come along when we succeed, and none when we fail. The classic conditioning phase is exactly what perfectionists go through every single day, ie: being conditioned to strive for perfection in order to attain materialism. They set high expectation … Continue reading Accept im[p]erfection.

The Bright Side

“The grass is always greener on the other side.” ― Erma Bombeck Keeping a positive mindset and believing that there is always something greater out there waiting for us to get them - That's how we continuously build up courage to keep our dreams alive. Having said that, it's also important to make the best out of … Continue reading The Bright Side