Sharing is caring.

This week, I started dedicating a few hours in exploring the topic of sustainability. A goal that I pledged for 2021 in doing something meaningful (Do something), nothing beats awareness. Sustainability topic is not a new news. We hear about it every day, especially in this part of a more mature society - Western Europe. … Continue reading Sharing is caring.

social media

A slave to social media?

The explosion of social media has always been a hot discussion among professionals, in terms of opportunities and impacts it can potentially bring. No doubt, the current pandemic has encouraged even more social media usage as a mean of communicating with others from home. The word 'use' is not to be underestimated. In fact, communicating … Continue reading A slave to social media?

I forgot how it was like.

182 days has passed. I forgot how it was like. Waking up in a concrete world, when peeping on neighbour was just a window away. I forgot how it was like. Living on a land that was expensively scarce, when walking shoulder to shoulder was inevitable. I forgot how it was like. Walking alongside digital-addict … Continue reading I forgot how it was like.


Lockdown gain.

Since February 2020 when lockdown was about to begin, many were caught up in panic buy of sanitizers, face masks, gloves, cleaning detergents and not forgetting, the infamous toilet rolls tug of war across the world. The hoarding of food supply had also left many wondered if food has its expiry date. Was it a … Continue reading Lockdown gain.

I can go a distance.

Just a couple of hours ago, The Independent UK published that Captain Tom Moore has raised more than £21M in donations for NHS - how extraordinary! For his 100th birthday, the Second World War veteran pledged to complete 100 lengths of walk in his garden, and he accomplished it. Initially aimed at only a thousand … Continue reading I can go a distance.

Success will come around.

"What goes around comes around" was meant to remind people on the consequences of own actions which will eventually come back haunting for them. Nethertheless, I have a slightly different interpretation. When I was 23, I took a chance to compete on national television. It was an epic entrepreneurial experience that no one that I … Continue reading Success will come around.

blank canvas

Living on a blank canvas.

I've been away. 30 days since I left Asia. New beginning, new life for my partner and I. It has been an ongoing episodes of learnings since the day we signed up for this new venture. It was just a thought in the beginning - just to get ourselves out there and experience the unknown. … Continue reading Living on a blank canvas.