Twenty four hours a day, minus eight hours of sleep and the breaks needed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we are constantly short of time for what we set out to do. Time is precious. Yet, why are we still procrastinating? Think, feel, do is a common behavioural framework we practise subconsciously everyday. Though it … Continue reading Procrastination.

Those were the days.

Reminiscing childhood life, days were carefree. Mess was encouraged, faults were forgiven. Despite told what not to do, imagination was spree. Those were the days, almost forgotten. . . . Reflecting today, bound by commitments. Problems are not to play, troubles have price to pay. Being tailed what to do, imagination challenged to zero. These … Continue reading Those were the days.

Fear of judgement.

Have you ever thought of writing something and eventually wrote nothing about it? A couple of thoughts came through my mind this week. They could be something worthy to write about. Somehow, I missed them at the absence of guts. It's a pity. Suppressing my thoughts defeats the purpose of having this blog. I used … Continue reading Fear of judgement.

What she doesn’t know.

Learning is endless. If one tells me that he or she knows everything, it's beyond possible to believe. A quick google, 'learning is the acquisition of knowledge or skills through study, experience, or being taught.' Talking about study, there are endless materials to read and understand. Talking about experience, there are endless possibilities for us … Continue reading What she doesn’t know.


Notebooking for the brain as some may call it, is making a comeback. Thanks to hectic lifestyle with no distinct line between work and home, many have started prioritizing mental health by allocating some down time for mindfulness practices. There are various ways in which one can adopt mindfulness practices to express his or her … Continue reading Journaling.

cherry blossoms

April Love

April of last year taught us to be cautious, in the dark didn't know what's expected. Anxiety, confused, isolated, and daunting, prepare for the worst the world's calling. . April of this year anticipate promises, cherry blossoms bloom gracefully tempt kisses. Days are brighter as lockdown eases, longing for freedom everyone misses. Photo by Frames … Continue reading April Love

Giving your very best.

Recently I ran a quick poll about what would general public prefer to do as soon as lockdown is lifted. The results are not surprising. Except for workplace, majority cannot wait to start socialising again, mainly out at pubs, restaurants, and cafes. Maybe staying at home and working from home have lost their respective boundary … Continue reading Giving your very best.