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2020 what it meant for us?

Just like that, 2020 will be coming to an end in a few more hours. At the beginning, we were all excited about a 'decade reflection' or '#10yearschallenge', reminiscing what we're like 10 years ago, compared to what we've become today. Honestly, it was a great reflection exercise, and it reminded our story chapters in … Continue reading 2020 what it meant for us?

The one who knows the most.

We develop values and beliefs of our own since adolescent years.  Based on what we learned and experienced, we formed opinions - opinions that we hold dearly to protect. It's easy to debate over opinion differences at home. Mostly because we expect parents and siblings within a small circle to understand. Having said that, even … Continue reading The one who knows the most.


How do you feel?

Feelings are abundance. Sometimes candid, sometimes strange. Hardly ever stop and impossible to capture. Often overlooked, they are effortlessly presumed. Come and go like swoosh in the wind, condensing feelings without any effort in recognising them can only lead to one word, 'complicated'. “Is it really possible to tell someone else what one feels?” ― Leo … Continue reading How do you feel?


Embrace diversity.

Remembering when I packed up and left my home country for the first time some years ago, there was no room for hesitation. Landed on a foreign land with just an hour flight away, I thought adaptation was going to be a soft ironing process. Having said that, it was not as straightforward in keeping … Continue reading Embrace diversity.


The best motivator.

When we're young, accomplishment grants us applauses from people before us. Praises make us feel good; praises make us proud. As we grow older, compliments rarely come by. Does it mean that we no longer excel in what we do? Most parents would love to believe that their children are ones in a million. Talented … Continue reading The best motivator.


If not now, then when?

Unhooked all clothes from wardrobe, I squashed them into three big sacks. The rest, I placed them into boxes. "Not much, thankfully." Few rounds of rushes, I squeezed them in my 'little local beetle' ride. Didn't take much effort for an independent girl to move three times in two years, moving from one place to another, … Continue reading If not now, then when?

Appreciating others stories.

Two years of waiting is rock tough. Not that we didn't try, we lost count of tries. Every month we hit the reset button, looking forward to new hopes and dreams. It would be impossible to make others understand. Such complexity, neither we can. Physically tiring, mentally draining. If you're asking "When could be us?", … Continue reading Appreciating others stories.

appreciation, two way

Take for granted.

‘Take for granted’ is an easy phrase and it is also an easy action to take. According to Collins' English Dictionary, it means to take advantage of without due appreciation. We witness this in our daily life but was not further magnified out of respect given to relationships - Relationship with friends, relatives, and families. … Continue reading Take for granted.