Success will come around.

"What goes around comes around" was meant to remind people on the consequences of own actions which will eventually come back haunting for them. Nethertheless, I have a slightly different interpretation. When I was 23, I took a chance to compete on national television. It was an epic entrepreneurial experience that no one that I … Continue reading Success will come around.


Success from inside out.

To achieve bigger things in life, we must first begin with the smallest details. A quote that I hold true for the past thirteen years. With limited experience back then, I traded lateral salary in return for a genuine mentorship. "I am willing to learn because I have zero knowledge in this field." Despite two … Continue reading Success from inside out.

look up

Trophy love.

The ones who truly wanted were not given. The ones who never did were flooded with praises. It was once a trophy for it was an effort. It is now worthless for it is a haggle.   Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. A medal is precious if deemed as precious. Out of courtesy … Continue reading Trophy love.


Making the impossible possible.

The constant bickering about what's right and wrong, I no longer bother. I said it a hundred times, but yet it still matters. Why countless time was spent justifying decisions we've made? After all our instinct tells us to "just go ahead". A light of thought, carried off by doubts. Excitement or anxiety? There is no … Continue reading Making the impossible possible.

craving for love

Craving for love.

The four baby birds that chirp loudly striking for attention often confuse their mother if love can ever be enough. Was it too many baby birds to provide undivided attention? Or was it because they are all demanding children? The first will always be the first. The last will always be the precious. The middles … Continue reading Craving for love.

Reset to succeed.

Life is a long learning journey. It was one of those days when I felt downcasted over nitty gritty at work. Like a dwarf leaping endlessly to score a voice in a sulky boardroom filled with 'me-first' audiences. Frustrated and infuriated for lack of support from peers, my mind was filled with a million questions … Continue reading Reset to succeed.


The meaning of success.

Growing up in a competitive world, it's difficult to decide when to call success a success. Often we hear success comes mostly from hard work, and probably ten percent comes from luck. Parents put their hard earned funds in financing children education. In some instances, study loans and savings are committed in education with purpose … Continue reading The meaning of success.


The Lazy Elixir

If you have come across articles about reducing working hours, promoting flexible working hours, or any initiatives to drive productivity and convenience at work, they are not new news. In fact, some of these initiatives are considered initially to assist women in competing better at workplace, in particular working mothers who return from long maternity … Continue reading The Lazy Elixir