Twenty four hours a day, minus eight hours of sleep and the breaks needed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we are constantly short of time for what we set out to do. Time is precious. Yet, why are we still procrastinating? Think, feel, do is a common behavioural framework we practise subconsciously everyday. Though it … Continue reading Procrastination.

Those were the days.

Reminiscing childhood life, days were carefree. Mess was encouraged, faults were forgiven. Despite told what not to do, imagination was spree. Those were the days, almost forgotten. . . . Reflecting today, bound by commitments. Problems are not to play, troubles have price to pay. Being tailed what to do, imagination challenged to zero. These … Continue reading Those were the days.

Fear of judgement.

Have you ever thought of writing something and eventually wrote nothing about it? A couple of thoughts came through my mind this week. They could be something worthy to write about. Somehow, I missed them at the absence of guts. It's a pity. Suppressing my thoughts defeats the purpose of having this blog. I used … Continue reading Fear of judgement.

Ain’t no mountain high enough.

Work has always been on the forefront since I left tertiary. Work to live or live to work, I no longer could tell the difference. Coming from Asia where only hard work pays, self-development is key to compete with the ocean of talents out there, not to mention global. I could still remember the debate … Continue reading Ain’t no mountain high enough.