Hey, August.

You were here when I came into this world. Like the sun, often inviting. Like a lion, roars like there is no other. A woman of substance, not easily impressed. Like the gem of peridot, instils power. Like a bar of gold, genuine with a noble heart. An accomplishment thus far. Like an eight, a … Continue reading Hey, August.

I am a resilient woman.

I neither expect abundance of love, nor less love. It’s just confusing to encounter unproportional love. I used to think I am weak, susceptible to all sorts of emotions and deserved less. All because I couldn’t comprehend and withstand the nature of tears cooking up in my eyes in times of trouble. We are what … Continue reading I am a resilient woman.

15 Facts I Wish Everyone Knew About Women.

Just because they are neat does not mean they enjoy doing chores. Having a strong character does not mean they prefer to love more than to be loved. Being independent has nothing to do with marital status. Spending effort and time on beauty is a form of confidence investment. A good career means stability and … Continue reading 15 Facts I Wish Everyone Knew About Women.

I miss him.

I woke up this morning, crawled my left hand to the left side of the bed, to feel if he's there. "Not there. Isn't it Sunday yet?" I must be dreaming. As usual, he's up earlier than me. I got up, put on my bedroom slippers and pair of glasses, switched off the standing fan, … Continue reading I miss him.