5 tips to manage remote working.

According to Microsoft, Teams has reached 32 million users with recent rise of remote working. Although remote working has always been an alternative, organisations were skeptical towards this approach due to abuse or distrust. Not until recent months when measures in containing the spread of COVID-19 pandemic were elevated. Today, remote working has become more … Continue reading 5 tips to manage remote working.

Trophy love.

The ones who truly wanted were not given. The ones who never did were flooded with praises. It was once a trophy for it was an effort. It is now worthless for it is a haggle.   Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. A medal is precious if deemed as precious. Out of courtesy … Continue reading Trophy love.

All she wanted.

A letter was handed to her that morning. Expecting nothing less, she frazzled the envelope and started running through the content, line by line. Reflecting the rocky roads over the past two years, it was a big piece of work. Maybe everyone had similar results, moderate ratings and average feedback. Still, she believed she delivered … Continue reading All she wanted.


It was three months ago since I last saw you. Humorously, you made jokes out of serious moments we used to experience. We didn't know why we laughed - They were not that funny before. Today, they are snippets of archives that I could occasionally call to mind. We saw it coming, but did not expect … Continue reading Ruthless

Take a break, be kind.

Here comes the day of week when everyone goes 'Friyay'! All because we are accustomed to Friday being the last day of work week, it sends a big relief for most of us that tough week is about to over, and marking the beginning of weekend of course! It's not because we dislike our job. … Continue reading Take a break, be kind.

Passion, do you have it?

Passion, we either have it or we don't. There is no grey line. Pass by the same entrance everyday, today is one of those days when I stopped to deliberately observe the regular signage pinned on the wall next to the automated glass door. "Weird, the brand logo doesn't look right. It looks like it's … Continue reading Passion, do you have it?

What’s your purpose?

A short animated film that garnered up to 79 million viewers on YouTube published by Southeastern Guide Dogs organisation, this video highlights how their dogs save the day, everyday for people with vision loss, and veterans with disabilities. If you have not watched this film, you're missing out a big part of life learning, beyond … Continue reading What’s your purpose?

Earned not given.

"Respect is earned not given" - one of the most commonly heard saying in leadership journals. Likewise, achievement is well deserved for those who worked hard for it. How many of us still believe in these? Take Margaret Thatcher (1925–2013) for example. She was the first female British Prime Minister from 1979–1990. When she spearheaded the role, … Continue reading Earned not given.

Getting to know you.

The world is changing. Everyone is crumbling to cope with the pace of change. In particular, being social in the digital world today is seen as a form of necessity. It's assumed that those who couldn't keep up, they'll fall. Those who could, they'll succeed. Unfortunately, they have got it all wrong - How? Take an … Continue reading Getting to know you.