Reigniting cultural values.

Three months prior to landing on a far-away foreign soil, I was talked into revisiting Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory, a framework for cross-cultural communication developed by Geert Hofstede. Being a pragmatic person, I've long cold-stored learning from University days. Not out of disrespecting theories founded by masterly professor, more because I failed in connecting theories … Continue reading Reigniting cultural values.

Success from inside out.

To achieve bigger things in life, we must first begin with the smallest details. A quote that I hold true for the past thirteen years. With limited experience back then, I traded lateral salary in return for a genuine mentorship. "I am willing to learn because I have zero knowledge in this field." Despite two … Continue reading Success from inside out.

Embrace diversity.

Remembering when I packed up and left my home country for the first time some years ago, there was no room for hesitation. Landed on a foreign land with just an hour flight away, I thought adaptation was going to be a soft ironing process. Having said that, it was not as straightforward in keeping … Continue reading Embrace diversity.


It was three months ago since I last saw you. Humorously, you made jokes out of serious moments we used to experience. We didn't know why we laughed - They were not that funny before. Today, they are snippets of archives that I could occasionally call to mind. We saw it coming, but did not expect … Continue reading Ruthless

The Lazy Elixir

If you have come across articles about reducing working hours, promoting flexible working hours, or any initiatives to drive productivity and convenience at work, they are not new news. In fact, some of these initiatives are considered initially to assist women in competing better at workplace, in particular working mothers who return from long maternity … Continue reading The Lazy Elixir

15 Facts I Wish Everyone Knew About Women.

Just because they are neat does not mean they enjoy doing chores. Having a strong character does not mean they prefer to love more than to be loved. Being independent has nothing to do with marital status. Spending effort and time on beauty is a form of confidence investment. A good career means stability and … Continue reading 15 Facts I Wish Everyone Knew About Women.

I am drained.

Hustle, bustle... if they come without passion, what am I aiming for? Constantly thinking, constantly trying to find the meaning to life. I can't help but emphasise how important it is to keep focused and reminded on our goals. If they ain't clear, then clear them. If they are easily forgotten, then maybe the goals … Continue reading I am drained.