Nothing beats a real experience.

"The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page." - Saint Augustine I couldn't agree more. Rewinding back to college years when studying was like a chore. Back then, internship was still in the making and not widely encouraged by institutions in Malaysia. In fact, a 50/50 split of … Continue reading Nothing beats a real experience.

The world we are living in.

Do you know that the chinese characters 先生, Mister came from 先 as in 'First' and 生 as in 'Born': First Born? Whereas 夫人, Madam came from 夫 as in 'Husband' and 人 'People' (Ben Whately). In other words, 'people owned by the husband.' For generations in Chinese culture, male is always the first, being … Continue reading The world we are living in.

Reset for a brand new world.

Ten years from now in 2030, what will change? In the end of 2019, we were all looking forward for what the new decade may bring (Motto of 2019).Looking back to what we have learned, looking forward to what we aim in changing, from 2020 forward. 2020, as soothing as the digits sound, was not … Continue reading Reset for a brand new world.

The world’s happiest animal.

Introducing the world's happiest animal, Quokka from Rottnest Island in Perth. A small colony and being the only member of Setonix, Quokkas are herbivorous. Always smiling, always so welcoming. Say hello to this little lookalike chipmunk, and you might even stand a chance for a warmth selfie 🥰. Photo by Frames of Life Blog

15 Facts I Wish Everyone Knew About Women.

Just because they are neat does not mean they enjoy doing chores. Having a strong character does not mean they prefer to love more than to be loved. Being independent has nothing to do with marital status. Spending effort and time on beauty is a form of confidence investment. A good career means stability and … Continue reading 15 Facts I Wish Everyone Knew About Women.

Superficial : Expectation vs Reality

Gone are the days when Internet is a value-added option to our lives. It is now one of the necessities of life. With increasing apps creation, society is encouraged to become more superficial than ever. Physical interaction is gradually being replaced with virtual interaction. Talking is replaced with texting (it is no wonder voice calls … Continue reading Superficial : Expectation vs Reality

Everyone loves talking.

Everyone loves talking. More so when it comes to talking about their lives or themselves.  The opportunity to communicate in terms of thoughts and feelings are pivotal. Not denying that it is possibly one of the few ways an individual could signal the identity he or she wants to share with people around them. It … Continue reading Everyone loves talking.

When we stop looking at what’s real around us.

I log on to Instagram every now and then, looking for inspiration. It tickles me sometimes, and I salute people who spend extra hours beautifying pictures to be showcased to the world. It's a full time job to create inspiration for others. Not easy. At times, I do not see them as inspiration. It can … Continue reading When we stop looking at what’s real around us.

How is the world out there?

She wonders. It was uncommon in Asia to leave home at young age, because living with parents have always been a convenient option. She wanted to explore the city, that comes with endless possibilities. Hopping from one place to another for several years, hardly ever complacent, she wanted more. Opportunity arise when she was posted to … Continue reading How is the world out there?